About ABA

The Alabama BBQ Association (ABA) was formed in 2006 to oversee the Alabama Governor’s Cup, which is awarded to the professional barbecue teams with the highest overall points in their top five contests on the Alabama Barbecue Trail, which consists of Pro Division sanctioned BBQ events throughout the state.  The ABA also promotes other BBQ contests such as Backyard Cookoffs as part of the Alabama BBQ Trail.  We not only promote sanctioned events here in the state of Alabama, but also nationally at other professional barbecue contests to attract tourism to the state and to each of the host cities.  For a schedule and links to all sanctioned events click here.

Additionally, the ABA operates solely on membership fees from individuals, families in addition to cook teams and sanctioning fees from Pro and Backyard contests.  It receives no city, county, state or federal funding.  The ABA has no paid employees.  All Officers are volunteers because BBQ is our passion and we want to give back to the sport.