Professional Contest FAQs

For more information about getting your Backyard event sanctioned by KCBS, click here and scroll down to Master Series Sanctioned Contest.

How can I dual sanction my KCBS Pro event with the Alabama BBQ Association (ABA)?  In order to be dual sanctioned with the ABA, Professional contest organizers must follow these basic guidelines:

  1. Have chosen a date that doesn't conflict with another Pro event within 100 miles.
  2. Have a minimum of 15 teams participating.
  3. Fill out an ABA Pro Division Membership Application, then send in the completed application and pay the sanctioning fee to the ABA secretary at least 30 days prior to the event.

How will the ABA help me promote my Pro event?  Sanctioned Pro contests will be posted to the ABA website within one week of receipt of the application and contest conflict verification. To assist the ABA with promoting your event, contest organizers need to electronically submit the following documents to the ABA secretary:

  1. Contest application and/or link to on-line registration
  2. Contest Rules and Regulations
  3. Logo for your event (optional)
  4. Provide the link to your event on the KCBS website
  5. Provide information about the following:
    • Where teams are to make checks payable
    • The address for mailing in a team's registration
    • The street address for the BBQ event

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about getting a Pro contest dual sanctioned with the ABA? Contact the ABA Secretary via phone or email.  Refer to the About Officers page for more info.

Who should I contact about Pro contest questions? Contact the ABA President or Vice President of the Pro Division via phone or email.  Refer to the About Officers page for more info.

Who should be contacted about the ABA Pro standings? Contact the ABA secretary about the status of the Pro Division standings. Refer to the About Officers page for more info.